Get Knitting for Christmas

It’s coming round to that time of year again.  At Knitting by Post we aim high to bring you lots of exclusive knitting patterns.   Make your own gifts to give this festive season or give some of our great knitting patterns as a gift.   It’s all here to have a great knitted Christmas.

The Knitters Christmas Gift Guide

Knitting for Christmas is great fun and can start at any time of the year.  We have little patterns that can take an hour or two like our Little Folded Doggy.  To the more ambitious Santa Pet Bed.  Either way, we have something for anyone that you have in mind at Christmas.  Here is just a small selection of our knitting patterns.

Festive Friends Santa angel reindeer elf snowman

Make Toys for Giving

Make something personal for the little ones.  Toys can be great fun and we have lots to choose from.  Our Festive Friends collection is a set of matching toys that cover all times of the year.

Christmas Crackers knitting pattern

Decorate Your Home

Don’t forget something for yourself.  When your guests come, watch them love the little knitted items and personal touches that you have created for yourself.

Just Add Sweeties

We have lots of patterns that you can make and add goodies to later.  We have gift bags that you can get a chocolate orange into.  Add chocolate coins or chocolates to make a gift that they can keep and eat too !

reindeer knitting patterns

Knit for Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are really good for raising money at Christmas time.  We have lots of little knits that you can add a little sparkle to, or larger toys for the raffle.

folded dog knitting pattern

christmas tree knitting pattern

Gifts for Adults

Christmas isn’t just for the kids.  We have some great suggestions to give to adults too.  We have knitted crackers for the tree, to fancy loo roll covers to decorate the littlest room.

Anyone knitting for Christmas yet? Santa Baggles will be on sale on Friday.

Gift Bags

Two gifts in one.  Make them a personal gift bag and add other gifts too.  The presentation of your gifts will be that more special.

Guide to giving knitting patterns at Christmas

The gift of a knitting pattern will bring a smile to any avid knitter.  They will have lots to do on the cold January evenings.  It doesn’t need to be a Christmas pattern.  You could try one of our spring time patterns such as duck or sheep, or how about a soft toy such as a mermaid?

You never know, you might get the toy that you really liked gifted back to you all made up!


The Knitting by Post Club

Weekly Knitting Club

Here is a gift that will give all year.  Join our knitting club and get a brand new knitting pattern every week.  We can deliver it direct to your loved one.

christmas knitting pattern

Value Packs

Help your budget to go further by picking one of our value packs.  We have Christmas themed pattern packs as well as lots of other designs too.

Our Brochure

We have over 200 knitting patterns so there is lots of choice.  You can take a look at our interactive brochure here for more inspiration.


Booklets are Value

We have some great knitting booklets that have multiple patterns in.  They make great gifts and offer value for money too.

Cat printscreen