7 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate sewing up, this is a dog bed knitted on 8mm pins in super chunky yarn

  1. Amanda Parry says:

    Well, he does love the catnip spray… but he tends to just rub his head with it and then wanders off. But I might try that with the cat bed when I get round to actually making it. It might make him use it. If not, I guess it’ll be a good floor decoration. 😛

  2. Amanda Parry says:

    Aw, that’s awesome. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with it when she gets it. :) I bought the cat bed, to see if it would entice my fella to use it more than the normal cat bed, because it will be made of wool. But knowing my luck, he’ll refuse. LOL

  3. Amanda Parry says:

    I’ve got the cat bed pattern, oh god, I wonder what state I’ll be in when it comes to sewing mine together…. Lol The head looks supre cute.

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