Do I Need To Go And Buy More Yarn?

No. (Well, not unless you want to!)  Just use up some of your stash. The patterns don’t use any brand in particular. If you keep the yarn a consistent thickness for all colours and you can pretty much use what you want.

We tend to use acrylic yarn for our toys as the thickness is consistent and colours are vibrant.

We only use 2 thicknesses of yarn for all patterns.  Either Double Knitting (Light Worsted, 8ply, No.3, Approx 300m/100g)  or Chunky (Bulky, 16ply, No.5, Approx 150m/100g)  See the listing to see which one we used.

You know that you will be able to use the pattern in future too when your stash changes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fancy yarns and thicknesses.

Do You Sell Yarn, Needles or Haberdashery?

All we do is create gorgeous toy knitting patterns. We don’t sell anything else. This makes us specialists at what we do.

This also means that you are free to buy your haberdashery from your local yarn shop or any other place that you like.

What About Knitting Needles?

We use either 3mm (UK 11, US 3) needles with Double Knitting yarn. If you use chunky / bulky then 4.5mm single pointed knitting needles (UK 7, US 7) are what we use.

Is That Right? It Seems Too Small

If you look at a ball band or have knitted garments before, you will know the recommended size is for larger needles. We do this so when you knit the pieces the knitting stays dense and the toy stuffing doesn’t show through.

OK, What Now?

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