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Lots of Stuffed Animal Knitting Patterns. From Cute and Fluffy Bunny Patterns to Frogs, Wild Bears and the Odd Giraffe Too. Downloads or Leaflets as You Prefer. Minature Dog Patterns for Beginners and Woodland Foxes.


Here is our Barker the Dog knitting pattern. He has floppy ears and he is laying on his belly. Another easy knit.


Squeekingly good, here is Goldie the Mouse knitting pattern.


Hop to it and make an unusual chocolate orange cover. Part chocolate gift and part bunny.


Here is our Bruce the Dog knitting pattern. He has floppy ears and freckles too. To complete the look he has a pair of braces. Another easy knit.


Here is our knitted cow pattern.  He is sitting with his hoodie on and he has a very cheeky expression.


You had better goat used to this new pattern.  Don't goat us wrong, its unforgoatable. Here is Gary the Goat.  He is made with double knitting yarn and is another original pattern from us at Knitting by Post.


Knitting pattern instructions to knit 3 Wise Owls.


By popular demand, here is the next in the series of Baggles patterns. Knitting pattern instructions to knit a Doggy Baggles Gift Bag.


Here are the Knitting by Post Doggy Heroes. Customise the girl and boy dog with your favourite hero colours.


Knitting pattern instructions to make the Doggy Snuggler Pet Bed for a small dog or chosen pet. This unusual design will work as a dog bed or as a cushion for a child.


Knitting pattern instructions to knit this oversized bear pyjama Case. You may already have some of the Knitting by Post pyjama case patterns, but this is the daddy !


Knitting pattern instructions to knit an All Bear One Soft Toy. Knitting pattern Instructions for bear, clothes and comforter blanket.

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