How to Make a Knitted Loop Stitch

Making a knitted loop stitch looks complicated, but is in fact quite easy once you try it out a few times. The effect of the loop stitch using this technique can be quite stunning – take a look at Cracker the Old English Sheepdog. This is an adaptation to the traditional loop in that it has been cut at midway through the loop so that it gives the dog a texture of hair. That is what makes this stitch made in this way so good, because you can tug on the ends of the loops but it only makes the stitch tighter and doesn’t pull the yarn out of the toy.

Insert the right needle in to the stitch as though to knit it. Stick out your left thumb towards your right hand and at a right angle to your body. Wrap the yarn around the needle as though to knit the stitch and bring the yarn around your thumb. Take the yarn back over the needle the way that it came. Holding the loop, take the yarn back over the needle the way that it came and knit into the back of the same stitch. You now have created two stitches from this. Take the rear stitch and pull over the first and off the needle, leaving one stitch remaining.