Loop Stitch (L):

A loop stitch is knitted with ordinary knitting yarn that doesn’t have any special texture to it. The loop effect is created using the following technique.

It may be easier to practice the technique to begin with. Use large needles and thick yarn so it is less fiddly. Also knitting very loosely will help when learning.

Cast on the correct number of stitches.

Insert the right knitting needle in to the stitch as though to knit it.

Stick out your left thumb towards your right hand and at a right angle to your body about 3-4cm away from the needles.

Wrap the yarn around the needle as though to knit the stitch and bring the yarn around your thumb.

Holding the loop with your thumb, take the yarn back over the needle the way that it came and knit into the back of the same stitch.

You now have created two stitches from this. Take the rear stitch and pull over the second and off the needle, leaving one stitch remain-ing.

The loop should be about 8cm long in total or 4cm in half.