15 thoughts on “Love Blossoms

  1. Amanda Parry says:

    Ah I see! You could earn extra money by turning some into patterns for others to enjoy knitting. Not to reproduce the pattern, that’s your copyright, but I love to knit toys! You have some amazing work! x

  2. Denise Kingsley says:

    If you click onto my Denise kingsley page you will see a pic to click on that takes you there.It is on my timeline on the right hand side

  3. Jackie Vaughan says:

    I would get these copyrighted these would make wonderful characters in a children’s tv show they are way better than bing bunny. I’m not winding you up these are very very very good. Photograph them and date photos. So you can prove they are you design and then look into finding someone who is involved in children’s tv also work on good names and write a children’s story about them and see if you can get published I think in my humble opinion you have got something here girl. Now grown wings and fly with them. Very well done.

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