16 thoughts on “Not mine but does anyone know how to/or what part to add the knitting in lace to the dummy please

  1. Amanda Parry says:

    Thanks. I’ve a few places I can get something similar here in Glasgow. Hopefully just as reasonably priced. Mum used things like this a lot too x

  2. Brenda Walker says:

    you wont be disappointed ,I have bought my lace from a shop called Bouys ,they sell it by the metre ,its usually £1 something a metre ,they have alsorts of colours in it ,its gorgeous x

  3. Amanda Parry says:

    Thanks! I’m going to be using that pattern soon for a couple friends who are due babies soon and the lace just adds to it! Makes it all the more pretty. 😍 x

  4. Brenda Walker says:

    I think it would be on a knit row as in normal knitting the knit row is usually the right side of things I have only knitted trees with it and it turns out gorgeous , i haven’t looked at the dummy pattern but I would guess it must be where the rim of the dummy goes .x

  5. Amanda Parry says:

    Would you do that on a purl row or knit row? That’s what I wouldn’t know how to do it, to make sure it came out the right way… on the right side etc., x

  6. Brenda Walker says:

    I have knitted with this lace before and what you do is when knitting a normal row you put you needle through your loop as normal and also latch one of the holes onto your needle at the same time and knit as normal on every stich just on the one row where you need the lace to go xx

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