How to Knit a Mini Superman (Man of Wool)


Knitted Superman (Man of Wool-sorry)
This was present for a friend who’s obsessed with Henry Cavill; hence the lack of pants and the bulges.
Full instructions below;
You will need:
Wool; Black, blue, yellow, red and flesh coloured
3mm knitting needles
Wool needle
Soft toy stuffing

Cast on 15sts (Blue)
Knit and purl 24 rows
Cut the wool leaving a long strand for sewing later
Leave knitting on needle repeat for other leg
Knit a row then purl a row across all 30sts
Knit and purl 20 rows

Change to skin colour
Knit and purl 15 rows
Leave a long strand for sewing and thread this through all the sts on the needle
Pull tight

Turn Superman inside out
Sew down to his waist
Turn right side out
Sew the legs and then stuff

Cast on 15sts (yellow)
Knit a row
Purl a row
Decrease at both ends (13sts)
Purl a row
Decrease at both ends (11sts)
Decrease at both ends (9 sts)
Purl a row
Decrease at both ends (7sts)
Decrease at both ends (5sts)
Purl a row
Cast Off
This isn’t the greatest pattern ever so I then folded over the top corners of the V shape
With red thread sew on his “S”
(It’s not an “S”, on my world it means “Hope”)

Red Boots
I made theses separately then sewed them on but it might be easier to just do the first 10 rows of both legs in red then switch to blue.
Cast on 16sts
Knit and purl 10 rows
Cast off

Cast on 10sts (flesh colour)
Knit and purl 4 rows
Change to blue
Knit and Purl 14 rows
Cut leaving long piece of wool and thread through sts
Turn inside out and sew leaving gap
Turn right side out and stuff
Sew on to body

Cast on 25sts (red)
Knit and purl 50 rows
Cast off

Thread hair through the head and just keep sewing. Be careful not to pull too tight.

Sew eyes, mouth and eyebrows on with black wool.

The music is the Superman Theme by John Williams; no copyright infringement intended

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