18 thoughts on “Thanx for the add here are the pics of what i have made so far .love your patterns ..

  1. Chris Randall says:

    It always amazes me how the finished product looks exactly as it is on the pattern, that’s the sign of a good pattern I think

  2. Betty Sheldon says:

    Love your work. What a busy bee you are. Love the Easter stuff. I have some of those patterns left in my to do pile. Nice to see someone else addicted to the patternsxx

  3. Tracy Van Eijk says:

    thank you and to think i used to find knitting boring lol not any more . your patterns are easy to follow great instructions . and a great price . x

  4. Tracy Van Eijk says:

    we are not addicted at all lol . I have loads more to make just need to get round to it haha. Im making the leprechaun now . Being from the north of Ireland it seems a good idea haha plus my hubby calls me a leprechaun.

  5. Tracey Williams says:

    Lovely. You are like me can’t get enough. I especially love cuddles the cat I have made 4 of those already

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