Another completed toy from our lovely community of knitters.

We have had some technical problems with our next online shopping event. This is the new event page.

The theme is still ‘Unicorns and Rainbows’. 🦄🌈

All you need to do for now is click going then sit back and relax knowing we have your gifts covered.

We are a group of fabulous crafters offering a wide range of amazing handmade gifts.

I will be joining them with my knitted items:

#urmn Welcome to this exclusive market night hosted by a group of talented online businesses, this market is hosted online and attended from the comfort of your own home. We would love you to join us for our Unicorn and Rainbows handmade sale, which starts at 7pm on Friday 29th June and ends at 10pm on Sunday 2nd July. So you have a whole weekend to browse and buy from our album of high quality handmade items from a wide range of talented makers and crafters.

262 people interested


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