FREE Dolly Dress Buntin Pattern

free hanging buntin knitting pattern

Yarn : Double knitting. Oddment of white and a contrast colour.
Needles : 3mm Single Pointed Needles
Abbreviations : k – knit. p – purl. st – stitch. tog-together. st-st – Stocking Stitch (k1row, p1row). inc— increase. Knit into the front and the back of the stitch
Tension : 26 sts x 33 rows = 10cm x 10cm in st-st with double knitting yarn
Dimensions : Approx. 10cm from hem to shoulder straps.

Dress—Make 1
Start at the top. With white, cast on 36 sts
Knit 1 row
Next: (k2, inc1) to end (48 sts)
Purl 1 row
Next: (k3, inc1) to end (60 sts)
Next: k6, cast off 18 (in knit), k12, cast off 18 (in knit), k6 (24 sts)

Change to contrast colour
Knit along all stitches (24 sts)
Starting with a purl row, st-st 3 rows

Change to white
Knit 2 rows

Change to contrast colour
Knit 1 row

Next: (inc1, p1) to end (36 sts)
Next: (inc1, p2) to end (48 sts)

Next: (k2, p2) to end
Complete the last row 7 times in total

Change to white
Knit 3 rows
Purl 1 row
Knit 1 row
Cast off in knit

Sew down the row ends. Fold the bottom flat and sew along the hem.

Add ribbon and embellishments as desired.

small doll dress knitting pattern

Here is Cerise if you like dollies.


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