FREE Printable Download Organiser Pages

Free downloadable knitting organiser sheets to print and keep

We love to bring you lots of FREE knitting resources. So with that in mind, here are some knitting templates that you can print out and help to keep your knitting organised.

Organise and track all your haberdashery, yarn and needles as well as the project that you are working on. You can save each file and print them to use later over and over again if you like.

Each sheet is a printable A4 page and can be downloaded easily by clicking the download button by the chart that you are interested in.

Knitting Needle Tracking Chart

An A4 downloadable PDF sheet that you can print and use to track your straight and circular knitting needles.

My Yarn Stash Organiser Sheet

Work out what stash you have. Make a list and have it handy for planning your next project.

My Haberdashery and Accessories Tracker Sheet

Document all the buttons and sequins to make sure your knitting is fabulous! A4 printable sheet.

Knitting Project Pages to Download

A choice of two formats for the knitted project pages. You can either print an A4 page in landscape. This gives you half the page for the knitting attributes such as the yarn you use and the right hand side for a notes section.

The second choice is for an A4 portrait project page that is the same but does not have the notes section. Use either as you please or mix and match.

This file is to use when you are knitting to track what you are knitting. It is really useful to put with a pattern after you have finished so you have a written record of your knitting. You can record things such as how long it took to knit and any changes to the pattern you made as you went along.

Print one, or print lots, either way it is free and you can have a written record and keepsake of your work.

Technical Help With Downloading

Each downloaded sheet comes in Adobe PDF format. This is a file format that is widely used over the internet for many other kinds of files such as ebooks. It is possible to get a free copy of the Adobe reader if you don’t already have one.

You will need to visit this page and follow the install instructions to install the reader software onto your computer

Once you have your file on your computer, tablet or smart phone you should receive a message notification that your file has downloaded. Some devices will automatically open the file for you and show it for you to read.

You cannot edit directly onto the PDF file (unless you have special software to do that) but you will have to print the file for you to write on it with a pen.

If you notice that after printing that characters or photos aren’t in the right place or it looks odd then try to print without using any of the Page Sizing and Handling options in your printing dialog box.

Don’t use any reductions or alterations here and hopefully that will work

We hope that you like all the templates that we have listed and that they are useful to you. We hope to add more. Is there a template that you would like to see added? Add a description in the comments box below and we will add it.

Why not try some of your organiser pages on these patterns?


She's Red and She's Cute.  Here is Scarlet with a Floppy Hat and RaaRaa Dress.


Baby Dolly in a Sleeping Bag.  A Cute, Little Easy Knit.


It's a Round of a Paws for Bones the Dog Soft Toy Knitting Pattern


Unicorns are so cute !  Here is our lazy unicorn ready for a little nap.


No need to be sheepish, here is Meadow the lamb knitting pattern


Another One For Your Throne Room. Toilet Roll Covers are Back for the Coronation. King's Guard Toilet Roll Cover.


Another One For Your Throne Room. Toilet Roll Covers are Back for the Coronation. Beefeater Toilet Roll Cover.


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