Enchanting Gnome Knitting Patterns: Craft Your Own Magical Miniature World

Enchanting Gnome Knitting Patterns Craft Your Own Magical Miniature World

Go Big or Go Gnome This Week With a Collection of 3 Super Gnome Knitting Patterns.

Ho-Ho-Ho. It is Christmas Season Now With a Very Jolly Santa Knitting Pattern

A hint of pink!  Not all Elves are green.   Knit a little pink Elf.

By Popular Request. Burglar Bill Toy Knitting Pattern.

Why Choose Gnome Knitting Patterns for Your Next Project?

Gnome knitting patterns offer a delightful challenge for knitters looking to bring a touch of whimsy into their craft. These charming figures, with their distinctive tall hats and bearded faces, are not just fun projects but also make for captivating handmade decorations or gifts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, gnome patterns provide a variety of designs that cater to all skill levels.


You Will Bat First and No Umpire Needed! A Great Cricketer Soft Toy Knitting Pattern.

An ever popular gnome but smaller! Meet Short and Sweet Bed Time Gnome - A little sister of a knitting pattern.

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, what's all this then? It is only a knitted policeman pattern

Thunder, wrath and brimstone all wrapped up in one sweet Viking. Toy knitting pattern instructions are right here.

What Makes Our Gnome Knitting Patterns Unique?

Our collection stands out because each pattern is meticulously designed with the knitter’s joy and ease in mind. From the simplicity of the instructions to the variety of characters in our gnome family, our patterns are crafted to ensure you enjoy every stitch. We offer a range of gnome designs, from traditional to modern interpretations, ensuring there’s a gnome for every taste and occasion.

Eco warrior and all round good guy. Here is green Santa in a twist on the popular red outfit.

Is he a Gnome or an Elf? Both! Here is Gnome Elf soft toy knitting pattern.

Everyone loves Santa. Here he is in a jolly red outfit with a bit of a gnome style twist!

Here is our doctor knitting pattern.  He is in full scrubs and is wearing a face mask too. He is ready for his shift at the hospital.

How Can You Start Knitting Your Own Gnome Collection?

Beginning your gnome knitting adventure is as easy as choosing your first pattern, selecting the right yarn, and preparing your needles. We recommend starting with a basic pattern if you’re new to knitting, which requires minimal materials and introduces you to the foundational techniques of gnome crafting. As you gain confidence, you can explore more complex designs and add diverse characters to your collection.


Here is our take on a World War 2 Sailor soft toy knitting pattern.  Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Here is our take on a World War 2 Pilot soft toy knitting pattern.  He was seen on duty in the skies above our cities to keep us safe during World War 2. Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Here is an Air Raid Warden soft toy knitting pattern.  He was seen on duty on the streets of our cities to keep us safe during World War 2. Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Gnomes are more popular than ever. Here is another unusual and quirky design for you to try. He will stand on a flat surface and has a pocket at the front to hide little gifts.

What Materials Do You Need for Gnome Knitting Patterns?

To start, you’ll need yarn in various colors (depending on your gnome’s design), knitting needles (size recommended by the pattern), stuffing material, and a needle for sewing parts together. Opt for wool or acrylic yarn for durability and ease of care. Remember, the choice of materials can add a personal touch to your gnome, making each creation unique.

Where Can You Find Inspiration for Your Gnome Knitting Projects?

Inspiration for your gnome projects can be found everywhere—from the seasonal changes in nature to traditional folklore and modern fantasy. Social media platforms and online knitting communities are also treasure troves of ideas, where fellow knitters share their creations and tips. Don’t forget to check out our gallery for a wide range of gnome patterns that are sure to spark your creativity.

How to Personalise Your Gnome Knitting Patterns?

Personalizing your gnome patterns allows you to create truly unique knitted toys. Experiment with different yarn colors, textures, and pattern modifications. Adding accessories, like a knitted tool belt or a tiny knitted flower pot, can also bring your gnome’s personality to life. The key is to let your imagination guide you.

What Are the Best Practices for Knitting Gnome Toys?

Achieving the best results in knitting gnome toys involves maintaining even tension throughout your work, choosing colors that complement each other, and paying close attention to the finishing touches. Techniques like stuffing evenly, sewing parts securely, and embroidering facial features with care will ensure your gnome not only looks fantastic but lasts for years to come.

Why Are Handmade Gnomes the Perfect Gift?

Handmade gnomes carry the warmth and thoughtfulness of personal craftsmanship, making them perfect gifts for any occasion. Whether celebrating a holiday, a birthday, or simply spreading joy, a knitted gnome is a gift that symbolizes love and creativity.

How Can You Care for Your Knitted Gnomes?

Caring for your knitted gnomes ensures they remain vibrant and intact for as long as possible. Gentle hand washing or spot cleaning is recommended to keep them looking their best. Storing them in a dry, cool place will help preserve their colors and shape.

Where to Share and Showcase Your Gnome Knitting Creations?

Once you’ve completed your gnome knitting project, we invite you to share your masterpiece with our Knitting by Post community on Facebook


There's magic and sparkle and it's all a bit Wizardy here. Get ready for Halloween with our magical wizard knitting pattern.

Bride and Groom knitting pattern in a gnome style.  A lovely gift for a wedding day.

Here is a mash up of two of our favourite patterns, gnome and chocolate egg holder.  He has a white beard and snazzy moustache.  Knit your own Chocolate Egg Gnome with these instructions.

Here is a little happy Irish Leprechaun.  Just in time for St Patrick's Day.  He has a big green hat and a jolly orange beard.

Here is Tommy our WW1 soldier.  He is standing proud with his medal and tin hat.  A knitted remembrance doll.

Bed time gnome is a sleepy twist on Gnorma and Gnorman.

Our baby gnome is just gorgeous.   She goes lovely with Gnorma and Gnorman.

Gnorman is a gnome with a lot of fun.  He has easy to make features and looks mega cute.

Gnorma is a gnome with a lot of fun.  She has easy to make features and looks mega cute.