FREE Dog Finger Puppet Knitting Pattern

free dog finger puppet knitting pattern

Abbreviations : k – knit. p – purl. st – stitch. tog-together. st-st – Stocking Stitch (k1row, p1row).  inc— increase. Knit into the front and the back of the stitch

Dog Finger Puppet
With 3mm single pointed needles and an oddment of brown, cast on 18 sts
Starting with a knit row, st-st 28 rows
Next: knit 2together to end
Draw thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight.

Sew down the row ends. Add a little stuffing to the head end and draw a thread around the neck to seal up the head.

Collar : With an oddment of pink, cast on 23 sts, cast off
Attach collar to the neck.

Ears make 2 : With an oddment of dark brown, cast on 4 sts
Knit 5 rows
Next: (knit 2 together) twice, cast off
Attach ears to either side of the head

Embroider eyes, nose and mouth with a little black yarn that has been split to make it thinner.
Allow the cast on rows to curl upwards.

Free finger puppet knitting pattern

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