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Hobbies and Interests - Knitting

A Detailed Look at Knitting as a Hobby

You need something to do in your spare time but you are not sure what to do. Do you flit from one hobby to another thinking that you are broadening your horisons but don’t seem to find a good fit?

Lots of people feel like this and lots turn to knitting as a hobby and a pastime. So why knit? What is the appeal of knitting? Is it still an old ladies hobby?

It is true that knitting has been around for hundreds of years. You only have to visit your local charity shop to find a great big pile of knitting patterns that were created in the 1960s or 1970s. All out of date and made using yarn you have never heard of.

The truth is though that knitting has seen a resurgance in popularity over the past 10-15 years. There are huge numbers of designers making contemporary designs for everyone to enjoy. Yes, you might need the internet to get hold of these designs but they are out there and lots of them are fantastic.

When I started designing knitted toys in 2010 in a serious way, there were just two mainstream toy makers that had even scratched the surface of what is possible. They were Jean Greenhowe – who has since retired and Alan Dart

All other toy designs that I had come across were from people with a sewing background and made flat with lots of seams and lots of sewing. I soon realised that this was not how to design toys and make it fun.

Fast forward 10 years and the Knitting by Post designs are contemporary, modern and fun to make. I realise that some people like knitting with a physical pattern so I publish leaflets or you can download and use an electronic device to keep and read your patterns.

I publish new knitting patterns every week. Do you want to know what we are up to? Here is our most recent knitted design…

If you are putting some thought into taking up knitting as a hobby, there are lots of reasons to begin.

It is Easy to Get Knitting.

All you need is any old ball of wool, some knitting needles and either someone to give you an hour of their time to show you the basics or a fish about on Youtube for a good video. Everything you need to start will be for sale on your high street. No need for expensive equipment or huge amounts of training. Get the basics and make a start.

Health Benefits to Knitting

There are many health benefits, I find that I am more relaxed during and after an hour knitting. It lowers your blood pressure, the stress melts away and it keeps the mind active too.

Knitting Can be Done Anywhere

It is a portable hobby, so you can take your needles out if you have a day out, or you have a long journey. It is also a good hobby if you are recouperating or ill too, you don’t need to be active and up on your feet to knit.

Large or Small Project? It’s up to You

Do you have a short attention span? Or do you prefer your projects to take weeks to months? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Most toys that I design are short projects that you can make in a weekend or you could knit a larger toy that has lots of components and can take weeks. Pick the project that suits your attention span.

One of the shortest and easiest knitting patterns

One of the longest and large knits

Gifting is Great

What are you going to make? Something for you or someone special? A lot of people get knitting for a reason. A baby on the way is a popular reason to take up knitting, Christmas and Easter are also popular times of the year. I try to plan all our new pattern releases so you will have lots of time to plan and make in time for your special occasion.

Family and friends love something knitted. It is a personalised gift and will be cherished for many years. You make it with love and it will be received the same.

Knitting isn’t the pasttime it was 50 years ago, yarns, patterns and knitting techniques have moved on. I would encourage you to start and you will not look back!

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