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Bunny rabbits are so cute. We have a great selection of toy rabbit knitting patterns for you to knit and enjoy. Make some ready for Easter. There is a varied selection to download or get them delivered as a leaflet to your door.


This bunny has got the blues. Ready for you to knit as an Easter gift. She is a belle.


Fudge the bunny is an extra large Easter Bunny knitting pattern.


Hop to it and make an unusual chocolate orange cover. Part chocolate gift and part bunny.


Bunnies !!!  Bertie is such a cutie.  His ears stand up and he has a sweet bow and scarf to keep warm.


Here is another knitting pattern that you can really get those needles going with.  She is a tall rabbit with dress and shrug.  She is finished in cream and chocolate colour clothes and ready for Easter.


Knitting pattern instructions to knit Rabbits in a Basket


Knitting pattern instructions to knit a minature cat, rabbit and dog

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