Trending in 2019 – Gnome Knitting Patterns

Gnomes are trending in 2019

How can you resist a cute gnome?

There are lots of toy knitting patterns to choose from. Bed time to Easter themed gnomes are popular. You can make your own with our gnome knitting patterns.

Our gnome patterns are especially good if you find it difficult to make faces as once the nose is made, there is no further detail. This makes them easy to finish off.

All gnome patterns are available as immediate download or leaflet posted to you wherever you are in the world.


Go Big or Go Gnome This Week With a Collection of 3 Super Gnome Knitting Patterns.


Ho-Ho-Ho. It is Christmas Season Now With a Very Jolly Santa Knitting Pattern


A hint of pink!  Not all Elves are green.   Knit a little pink Elf.


By Popular Request. Burglar Bill Toy Knitting Pattern.


You Will Bat First and No Umpire Needed! A Great Cricketer Soft Toy Knitting Pattern.


An ever popular gnome but smaller! Meet Short and Sweet Bed Time Gnome - A little sister of a knitting pattern.


'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, what's all this then? It is only a knitted policeman pattern


Thunder, wrath and brimstone all wrapped up in one sweet Viking. Toy knitting pattern instructions are right here.