FREE Little Owl Knitting Pattern

free knitting pattern for an owl in pink and white sleeping

This little knitted owl is quick and easy.

Made with oddments of white, pink and grey double knitting yarn. Small amount of toy stuffing. 3mm single pointed needles were used.   It is about 8cm tall when finished.

Abbreviations : k – knit. p – purl. st – stitch. tog-together. st-st – Stocking Stitch (k1row, p1row). 

Body & Head – Make 1

Starting at the base, with white, cast on 10 sts
Purl 1 row
Next: increase into every stitch (20 sts)
Purl 1 row
Next: (k1, inc1) to end (30 sts)

Purl 3 rows
Starting with a knit row, st-st 10 rows
Next: k2tog to end (15 sts)
Change to pink
Purl 1 row
Knit 1 row

Change to white
Purl 1 row
Next: (inc1, inc1, k1) to end (25 sts)
Starting with a purl row, st-st 9 rows
Next: k2tog to last stitch, k1 (13 sts)
Purl 1 row
Draw thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight.

Sew down the row ends, add stuffing and seal up. Make sure the bottom is flat so it will stand and the neck line is indented to define a separate head and body.

Wing – Make 1

The wing is made in one piece and will wrap around the outside of the body
With pink, cast on 30 sts
Knit 3 rows
Next: k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2
Knit 1 row
Complete the last 2 rows 4 times in total (8 rows)

Next: k2, purl to last 2 sts, k2
Next: (k1, k2tog) to end (20 sts)
Cast off in purl

Sew the cast off edge to the middle section of the body at the base of the colour change. Leave a gap at the front centre.

Hat – Make 1

With pink, cast on 28 sts
Knit 2 rows
Starting with a purl row, st-st 7 rows
Next: k2tog to end (14 sts)
Purl 1 row
Draw thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight.

Sew down the row ends of the hat and place on the head.

To finish, sew two grey eyes in a ‘v’ shape to the front of the face and also a line in pink from the rim of the hat to the chin.

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