Free Online Knitting Patterns

free online knitting patterns

If you are looking for free online knitting patterns then you are in the right place. Over 500 patterns in our collection caters to all skill levels, from beginner knitting patterns to advanced and expert knitting patterns, ensuring you can find your perfect project.

FREE Mobile Phone Holder Cushion Knitting Pattern

A mobile phone cushion will hold your phone upright. Knit in one piece, this is... [More on Knitting Patterns]

FREE Easy Dolly Knitting Pattern

Enhance your knitted Dolly collection with this delightful pattern, perfect for children as it is... [More on Knitting Patterns]

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FREE Easy Chocolate Orange Easter Basket Knitting Pattern

This little Easter Basket knitting pattern is quick and easy. This FREE pattern will make... [More on Knitting Patterns]

FREE King Coronation Crown Knitting Pattern

Keep reading for the knitting pattern. This pattern is available in the web page free... [More on Knitting Patterns]


FREE Festive Bell Knitting Pattern

This little knitted Festive Bell is quick and easy. This FREE knitting pattern will make... [More on Knitting Patterns]

FREE Easy Easter Chick Knitting Pattern

This little knitted chick is quick and easy and FREE so get knitting now!

Dive into a World of Knitting Experimentation

Unlock your creativity with knitting experimentation, exploring textures and colours through our diverse range of patterns. Our downloadable knitting patterns are designed to inspire and challenge you, offering everything from simple toy knitting patterns to intricate knitted teddy bear patterns.

Toy Knitting Patterns Galore

Specializing in children’s toys knitting patterns, there are endless options for creating homemade knitted toys. From cosy cardigans for dolls to chic home decorations, our patterns blend function with fun.

Exclusive Patterns from a Top Brand

Knitting by Post stands at the forefront of knitting excellence, offering a unique collection of exclusive knitting patterns tailored for every knitter’s needs. We are dedicated to quality and creativity, so you can transform every knitting project into a masterpiece. From cozy snuggly teddy bears and elegant dollies to frogs and giraffes, our pattern selection caters to all.

Embrace the unique blend of innovation and tradition that Knitting by Post brings to the crafting table, making us your go-to source for all things knitting. Discover the difference that comes with choosing Knitting by Post, where every stitch tells a story of quality and passion.

More Than Just Knitting

Extend your crafting repertoire with our crochet patterns, perfect for adding unique touches to your knitted projects. Explore designs for girls and boys, babies, toddlers and all children. We even have homeware knitting patterns such as toilet roll covers and doorstops to beautify your space.

Easy Access to Patterns and Resources

Our purchase patterns come in various formats, including booklet, leaflet, and PDF, making it easy to start your next project. Each pattern clearly lists the needles, wool, and accessories required, taking the guesswork out of gathering your materials.

For an even easier experience, our free knitting patterns can be read immediately direct from your browser.

Enjoy Exclusive Perks

Enjoy Free Delivery on pattern multiples. Our digital download patterns make it convenient to access your purchases immediately, so you can start knitting without delay.

Learn and Grow 

For those new to the craft or looking to advance their skills, our free online collections and how to knit guides offer valuable resources. Learn new knitting instructions and techniques to enhance your projects.

Join Our Community

Become part of our knitting community forums, where you can share your creations, find inspiration, and get advice from fellow enthusiasts. Reviewing knitting patterns and sharing tips are just some of the ways you can engage with our vibrant community.  We are just a click away on Facebook

Start Your Knitting Adventure Today

Whether you’re interested in knitting experimentation, exploring textures and colours, or diving into downloadable knitting patterns, has everything you need. From beginner-friendly projects to challenges for advanced knitters, our patterns, guides, and community support will help you bring your knitting dreams to life. Explore our site today and find the perfect pattern to start your next knitting project!