FREE King Coronation Crown Knitting Pattern

FREE Coronation Crown Charles 3rd Knitting Pattern

This little knitted coronation crown is quick and easy. This FREE knitting pattern will make a lovely Royal keepsake.

Made with oddments of white, purple and yellow double knitting yarn.

3mm single pointed needles were used.   It is about 5cm tall and wide when finished.

Abbreviations : k – knit. p – purl. st – stitch. tog-together. st-st – Stocking Stitch (k1row, p1row).

Crown – Make 1

With white cast on 30 sts
Starting with a purl row, st-st 10 rows – on the last row, to mark the pillars, add stitch markers at stitches 1, 8, 15, and 23
Change to purple
Starting with a purl row, st-st 7 rows
Next: (k1, k2tog) to end (20 sts)
Purl 1 row
Next: k2tog to end (10 sts)
Draw thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight

Fold the piece in half and sew down the row ends. Leave the bottom of the crown un-curled for now.

Crown Pillars – Make 2

With yellow, cast on 26 sts
Starting with a purl row, st-st 3 rows
Cast off

Allow the piece to curl upon itself

Take one piece and lay it flat from side to side. Take the second piece and lay it at a right angle over the centre of the first piece. Take a length of yarn and fasten round the centre with a knot. See picture.

Next. Turn the work by 90 degrees and fold both ends of the first piece down and use the same piece of yarn and tie round the whole centre of the work. There should be 4 gold pillars now with a bobble shape in the centre of the work

Take one end of the piece and sew it to the first stitch marker, then the second piece to the second stitch marker and so on. Make sure the bobble is on the up side.

Curl the bottom white part of the crown out and over the stitches of the pillars.

4 thoughts on “FREE King Coronation Crown Knitting Pattern

  1. Yvonne Foster says:

    Your patterns are lovely. Done the Queen and the Jubilee Bear and a few others. Just sent for four more patterns can’t wait for them to come.

  2. Sylvia Deacon says:

    i wish I had time to knit all of your patterns, I have some but would love to do more. I shall be sending off for the King and Queen Patterns as soon as I have finished the Skater. many thanks. !

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