The Ultimate Collection of 500 Toy Knitting Patterns: A Comprehensive Guide for Crafters

The Ultimate Collection of 500 Toy Knitting Patterns A Comprehensive Guide for Crafters

A Traditional Bed Time Pyjama or Nightie Case Collection of Patterns


Hopping along into dreamland with every stitch of this bunny knitting pattern!


Knit-wizardry and completely spellbinding!   A Halloween Special Pattern


Knitting pattern instructions to knit this Chocolate Orange Bear


Four Favourite Bearwick Bears in One Booklet

Stretch your creativity with our giraffe knitting pattern – a tall order of fun for your knitting needles!

Hubble Bubble The Witch, be spellbound with every stitch.  A Halloween special.

Knitting pattern instructions to knit this Chocolate Orange Dog

Knitting Pattern Instructions to Make an Elephant Hand Puppet

Four Favourite Easy Candy Toy Knitting Patterns in One Booklet.

You will be knitting from Tusk 'til Dawn with this lovely sleepy elephant knitting pattern.

Knit a Path Through the Woods to Grannys House.  Red Riding Hood is Here.

Knitted Baby Bunny Comforter. Rabbit Baby Gifts Yay!

More of our Commemoration WW1 and WW2 Favourites in one Booklet.

Purlfect Ponies: Knit Your Own Pony Pal With This Pattern

Stitch up some bedtime magic with our cuddly Bedtime Bunny knitting pattern!

Bear-illiant Marshmallow Hugs. Crafting Cuddles and Knitting Pink and White Bears.

UnBEARably Good Bear Knitting Pattern. It is a Bear with egg sized pockets !

Spot-On For Fun and Surprises!  Little Ladybird Gift Bag Knitting Pattern for Easter Treats.

Hop to It: Bunny Rabbit Gift Bag Knitting Pattern - Perfect for Egg-stra Special Easter Treats and Gifts

Dilly the Dolly Knitting Pattern.  Look, it's a 'plant-tastic' beauty in full 'bloom-ing' glory.

Crack a smile at Easter with our Ladybird Egg Holder Knitting Pattern - it's so perfect, you'll think it's 'egg-squisite'

This isn't just any hare-raising adventure, it is a Bunny with egg sized pockets !

Beehold, a pattern for your knitting buzz-tivities. An Easter Honey Bee Gift Bag that's un-bee-lievably easy to make and perfect for all your spring gifting.

Chocolate and Dogs Together.  What a Combo!  Knit a Dog Soft Toy With Chocolate Pockets.

We are really buzzy making some great patterns for you to knit.  Honey Bee Egg Holder Knitting Pattern

This is an elephant Easter knitting pattern to Trumpet about !

By Popular Request, an Easy Easter Basket Knitting Pattern in 3 sizes.

More of our Easter Favourites in one Booklet.

It's all un-Bearably Cute!  A Sleepy Dreamy Bear Knitting Pattern

Chocolate Gifts to Knit Galore !  4 Great Favourite Knitting Patterns in One Booklet

Duck, Rabbit andd 2 Gift Bags to Knit in one Booklet.  Spring is on the way !

Two Cute Dolls All Ready For Play Time.  Knitting Pattern for Bag, Dollies and Accessories.

Another Sweet and Unique Toy Knitting Pattern.  It is a Dolly in a Basket.

Frankly my deer, its nearly Christ-moose!  Super sweet reindeer bauble pattern in 3 sizes.

Go Big or Go Gnome This Week With a Collection of 3 Super Gnome Knitting Patterns.

4 Dogs to Knit in one Booklet, Paws-itively Hours of Fun!

Knitted Snowman Snowball Decorations Everywhere!  Small, Medium and Large in One Pattern

Two Patterns for a Fiver.  Cheap Christmas Knitting

4 Elephants to Knit in one Booklet, it Could be a Heavy Knit!

All the Bells are Ringing.   Here is Snowman Bell a Beautiful Decoration for Your Christmas Collection

Ding Dong.  Here is the Third Knitted Bell Pattern from The Christmas Bells Collection.  Elf is Ready to Go.

Here is something new!  A knitted hand bell decoration for Christmas 2023.  Reindeer is second in the collection!

Here is something new!  A knitted hand bell decoration for Christmas 2023.  The first in the collection!

4 Charming Christmas Stockings in one Booklet

Fondant is as sweet as sugar and cool as ice !

Celebrating a year of King Charles III as king.  Four of our Royal Patterns for £10.

Second booklet in a 2 part set for a Christmas Nativity Scene

First booklet in a 2 part set for a Christmas Nativity Scene

Another Extra Large Project to Get Your Needles Clicking. Raspberry and Moose Together in One Pattern. Sweet!

Enjoy this lovely hippo soft toy knitting pattern. Dancing the day away....

Paws and Reflect at This Cute Little Bear Toy Knitting Pattern.

She's Red and She's Cute.  Here is Scarlet with a Floppy Hat and RaaRaa Dress.

Baby Dolly in a Sleeping Bag.  A Cute, Little Easy Knit.

It's a Round of a Paws for Bones the Dog Soft Toy Knitting Pattern

Unicorns are so cute !  Here is our lazy unicorn ready for a little nap.

No need to be sheepish, here is Meadow the lamb knitting pattern

Another One For Your Throne Room. Toilet Roll Covers are Back for the Coronation. King's Guard Toilet Roll Cover.

Another One For Your Throne Room. Toilet Roll Covers are Back for the Coronation. Beefeater Toilet Roll Cover.

A Fun Impression of The King at Bed Time in His Pyjamas

For Your Throne Room. Toilet Roll Covers are Back for the Coronation. King Toilet Roll Cover.

The Most Requested Pattern Ever! Coronation Queen Soft Toy

Knitting Needles At The Ready, Teddy, Go! Gala Bear Soft Toy Knitting Pattern

Mmmmm Cake. A really easy knitted birthday gift.

Here is the Elepant in the Room. It's a Giant Task But Not a Mammoth One!

A Knitted Duck Ready for A Spring Rain Shower

Another First From Knitting by Post. A Knitted Gift Box For A Special Occasion!

Chocs Away!  Knit an Ever Popular Chocolate Gift for Easter.

An Ever Popular Easter Pattern for Springtime.

We are off to the Tower of London to make a cute little Beefeater.

Knit a Darling Duckling for Easter.

Attention! Knit a King's Guard of your own.  He is another Royal character keeping guard at Buckingham Palace.

It has all gone a bit Cheesy!  Nibbles the Mouse knitting pattern is here.

Dolly Mix, a lovely sweet treat to knit.

Ho-Ho-Ho. It is Christmas Season Now With a Very Jolly Santa Knitting Pattern

Stay alert! This one will keep you on your toes. Here is Ballerina Bear Knitting Pattern.

Come and Join the Rodeo!  Andy the Cowboy Knitting Pattern is Here.

Knitting pattern instructions to knit a little reindeer comforter blanket

Come and Join the Rodeo!  Cowgirl Knitting Pattern is Here.

It's a Landslide Winner.  Avalanche the Snowman Knitting Pattern.

An Update on a Best Selling Christmas Classic.  A Festive Toilet Roll Cover Pattern

A hint of pink!  Not all Elves are green.   Knit a little pink Elf.

Get Festive With A Little Reindeer Gift Bag Knitting Pattern.

Two Christmas Characters in One Knitting Pattern.  Mr and Mrs Santa.

A Little Snowman Quick Knit.

King Toy Knitting Pattern with Crown and Gown

Festive treats made ELFIE with a little knitted gift bag.

It's a Rrrrrreindeer.  Ruben is getting ready for Christmas

Everyone is Friendly Here! Even the Halloween Characters.

A Little Heavenly Angel Knitting Pattern

Tricking and Treating made easy with a little knitted gift bag.

Just a hand full of a little knitted dog.   Nothing RUFF here.

I Spy With My Little Eye. A Twitcher Robin With Binoculars

Tie a Knot in Your Trunk!  Remember, This is Eric the Elephant !

A small, easy character for little hands.  Here is Titchy the Hamster

Kidding About and Acting the Goat is all Part of the Fun.  Here is Sally the Goat Knitting Pattern.

No Drama Here.  It's Just a Little Llama.

He is a Cool Mule.  Dan the Donkey Knitting Pattern

Pink rabbits!  Have some Bunny to love!  A cute, easy to knit bunny pattern.

Savannah the spotty Giraffe is yours to make with this easy to follow pattern.

Here is a little short and sweet turtle pattern for you to knit

Faith is praying before bed.

The Mouse You Would Love in Your House.  Here is Short and Sweet Mouse Knitting Pattern

This cute Rabbit Organiser knitting pattern will make a great knitted gift for friends, family or even a special teacher.  He has 10 pockets for all those little knick-knacks.

Jubilee Bear Knitting Pattern to Celebrate the Queen's 70th Jubilee in June 2022

As cute as a button. Here is Freya in an A5 booklet.  A longer knit from Knitting by Post.

Knitting pattern instructions to knit a little Dog Comforter Blanket

By Popular Request. Burglar Bill Toy Knitting Pattern.

Bunnies!! Knit a last minute basket for Easter treats.

Easter Will Soon be Here. Go Egg Hunting with a Little Easter Basket

The Second of the Spring Time Pair. Honey Bee is Short and Sweet.

Ready for Spring The First of a New Duo. Ladybird Soft Toy.

Here is our Sophisti-CAT. Carol has a removable dress and is ready to dance.

Have Your Own Queen to Tea and Cakes for the Royal Jubilee.  Celebrating 70 Years of Queen Elizabeth II. Platinum Jubilee. An Easy Knit Doll That You Can Make.

Hop to it! It is Easter Soon. Here is Bun Bunny With a Little Cupcake Jacket and Ears.

Here is a Friendly Little Bull Soft Toy Knitting Pattern

An Unusual and Unique Sweet Treat! Here is a Liquorice Dolly Knitting Pattern

Pig Tails and as Cute as Her Button Nose. Janet the Dolly Knitting Pattern. A5 Booklet

Perfect for the little Easter Egg Hunt. A sweet Little Gift Bag.

The Pupp-arazzi Will Love the Festive Friends Dog Knitting Pattern

Pawsibly the Cutest Bear Here. Valentine the Bear Knitting Pattern

Pretty in Pink. The Sweetest Little Shortcake Doll Knitting Pattern

Perfect for the little Easter Egg Hunt. A sweet Little Gift Bag.

Knitters Are Flocking to Choppy The Sheep. You Might as Wool Too!

A Good Reason to Bounce Around. Here is a Bunny Rabbit Toy Pattern Ready for Easter!

You Will Bat First and No Umpire Needed! A Great Cricketer Soft Toy Knitting Pattern.

Get Your Paws on Scruff the Dog Knitting Pattern. Un-Leash Your Creative Side !

Quick Christmas Knitting. A Hanging Nutcracker and Ballerina Fairy. Two Patterns in One.

Here by Popular Demand. Knitted Snowman Gift Bag Pattern.

Short and Sweet, Little and Cute Bear. A Great Knitted Christmas Gift

A PURRRfect Cat Knitting Pattern

All Ready for the Winter Skating Season, Here is Skater Girl. A5 Booklet or Download

In a nutshell, here is a cute Short and Sweet Acorn Boy knitting pattern.

Little Reindeer that is Short and Sweet for you to knit.

It's a hoot! Wrapped up and cosy is this Winter Owl knitting pattern.

Great for little Christmas gifts! Make a Santa gift bag.

Attention all Christmas knitters! Here is a Nutcracker Soldier knitting pattern A5 Booklet.

Knitted Baby Comforter. Elephants make great new baby gifts. Knit yours today!

A Little Festive Short and Sweet Santa Knitting Pattern

An ever popular gnome but smaller! Meet Short and Sweet Bed Time Gnome - A little sister of a knitting pattern.

You Will Deerly Love This Big Christmas Reindeer Knitting Pattern

Do some Multi-Tusking with the best knitting pattern you have Herd of!

Meerkats are more popular than ever. Here is our Meerekat the Meerkat Knitting Pattern. Short and Sweet for little hands.

A little dog for tiny hands. He is Short and Sweet Dog.

He has hair and removable gown and hat. A knitted gift for the newly qualified. Graduation Doll comes to you as an A5 Booklet.

Geoff is sitting and waiting for his trip to the Zoo to see his friends. Knit yours today.

It is all a bit cheeky here. In banana yellow trousers, here is a Short and Sweet Monkey pattern.

Burrr it's cold. I think there could even be a Blizzard. A cute sitting reindeer soft toy knitting pattern

Teddy Bear overload with Crumble Bear.

Knit the most Bonny Bear ever! Small for little hands and cute as a button too.

Knitted Baby Comforter. Only the feet and hands are stuffed so the centre is floppy.  This makes it very tactile and great for small hands.

Here is an Oinker of a knitting pattern. A Mini Pig is a cute little quick knit.

It is a B-B-Bunny! Hop to it and knit your own Burgundy Bunny.

You could rabbit on all day with this Short and Sweet Bunny soft toy knitting pattern.

Pretty Patricia in pink. She has a removable hat and dungarees. Knit your own with this pattern.

Make a trunk call to tell your friends the Short and Sweet Elephant knitting pattern is here!

Short and Sweet Ballet Girl Knitting Pattern. Pink and as Cute as a Button.

Fancy a kick about in your favourite colours? Here is a little football mascot for you to knit.

The first in a new series of smaller knitting patterns for little hands. Here is our Short and Sweet Raccoon.

A christening is a symbolic occasion for many people around the world.  Create a celebratory gift with our Christening Baby Doll Knitting Pattern.

Here is our Amanda doll knitting pattern.  All set for an outing with her hair in a ponytail and fashionable shoulder cape.

Squeak squeak. It is Cheddar the Mouse knitting pattern.

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, what's all this then? It is only a knitted policeman pattern

Here is Hazel the Bear having a little dance and looking for a new home.

Here is a little Buddy doggy soft toy knitting pattern.

Hip Hop and Get this Spring Time Easter Buttercup Bunny Knitting Pattern

Thunder, wrath and brimstone all wrapped up in one sweet Viking. Toy knitting pattern instructions are right here.

The cutest Cupcake the Dog we know of! An easy knit in pink and grey with a removable jumper and a cheeky face!

It is only gourmet cuisine from this Chef knitting pattern. He is a brilliant cook and baker too.

Everyone loves a bunny. Here is our sleepy Candy Floss rabbit soft toy knitting pattern.

Here is a big knit. Bubble Gum is a big bear to get your needles going.

Choc-a-doodle-doo !!  Here is an Easter knitting pattern not to get hen pecked at.

What's Up Duck? In a flap! Have some fun with our cute duck knitting pattern.

He is Purrrfection in a Knitting Pattern. Our cute moggie is yours to make.

Here is our Raspberry Rabbit knitting pattern.  A sweet rabbit in a dress ready for the springtime.

He's out in the Antarctic exploring. It is our Explorer Penguin knitting pattern.

Here is Parma Violet a very sweet doll knitting pattern.

Here is Stampy a quick to knit elephant soft toy knitting pattern.

Eco warrior and all round good guy. Here is green Santa in a twist on the popular red outfit.

He's out in the Arctic doing some exploring and a spot of fishing. It is our Eskimo knitting pattern.

It's really cold out. This sweet little snowman could even get Frostbite!

Is he a Gnome or an Elf? Both! Here is Gnome Elf soft toy knitting pattern.

There is nothing like a good lie down after a busy night delivering presents. Here is our Relaxing Reindeer soft toy pattern.

Molly Moo the Cow is a cute farmyard animal toy knitting pattern that any child will love.

The Sailor of the Floe is a large polar bear with a wooly warm Shawl

He is a Snowman Gnome hybrid toy knitting pattern and right up to date for winter 2020!

Everyone loves Santa. Here he is in a jolly red outfit with a bit of a gnome style twist!

The world is on it's head at the moment so here is a Snowman knitting pattern to capture the moment. He is doing a very clever hand stand.

A traditional style knitted dolly pattern. She has dress and cardigan as well as hair in a ponytail.

A festive little robin that has a chocolate orange in his belly. A double winter gift.

Here is Ben the teddy bear knitting pattern. He has a blue outfit and is ready for a little boy or girl to love.

Knitted cute Katie Koala. A sweet knitted toy with bows and dress.

He is blue and beautiful too. Here is River the Bear. Make him now with this cute pattern.

Here is Claus, cute Santa pattern ready for Christmas.

Knitting pattern instructions to knit the least scary looking Wolf ever.

Izzy is busy getting ready for Halloween. Knit a pretty little witch with pointy hat and double skirt.

Here is Pippa the Pumpkin all ready for Halloween.

Hopping and Bopping. Here is Dotty the 50s style dolly. She has a flared dress, head scarf and dancing shoes. A large knitting pattern to get your needles clicking.

It is summer time and we are out in the garden this week with this lovely summery dolly knitting pattern.

Summer is here, time to find those trunks! Here is our elephant in a swimsuit to get you in the mood for summer holidays.

A cute little giraffe, great for small hands.  Quick and easy to knit.

There's nothing grizzly about Boris. He is a big soft cutie of a bear pattern.

Here is another cunning fox knitting pattern with green trousers. An easy soft toy pattern.

This cute little sheep is small for tiny hands.  Knit one in your favourite baby colours.

Here is our Barker the Dog knitting pattern. He has floppy ears and he is laying on his belly. Another easy knit.

Here is our doctor knitting pattern.  He is in full scrubs and is wearing a face mask too. He is ready for his shift at the hospital.

Here is our take on a World War 2 Sailor soft toy knitting pattern.  Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

This cute little animal is small for tiny hands.  Knit one in your favourite baby colour.

Here is our take on a Land Girl soft toy knitting pattern.  She was seen in the fields of Britain during World War 2 making sure we were fed. Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Squeekingly good, here is Goldie the Mouse knitting pattern.

Here is our take on a World War 2 Pilot soft toy knitting pattern.  He was seen on duty in the skies above our cities to keep us safe during World War 2. Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

This bunny has got the blues. Ready for you to knit as an Easter gift. She is a belle.

Enjoy this lovely tiger soft toy knitting pattern. This tiger has a cheeky face and cute little ears. He is very sweet.

An easy peasy Easter egg for you to knit.  Add your own ribbon and decorations and make him completely unique !

Fudge the bunny is an extra large Easter Bunny knitting pattern. A5 8 page booklet - a Long Pattern to get your needles going.

Hop to it and make an unusual chocolate orange cover. Part chocolate gift and part bunny.

Waddle along to this unusual chocolate orange cover knitting pattern. Part chocolate gift and part chick.

Here is a Nurse soft toy knitting pattern. She was seen on duty in hospitals all over the world during World War 2. Created with love to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Here is an Air Raid Warden soft toy knitting pattern.  He was seen on duty on the streets of our cities to keep us safe during World War 2. Created to commemorate 75 years since VE Day in 1945.

Gnomes are more popular than ever. Here is another unusual and quirky design for you to try. He will stand on a flat surface and has a pocket at the front to hide little gifts.

Get your needles going clickety with our cute spring time Cluckety toy knitting pattern.

Cock-a-doodle-doo !!  Here is a rooster not to get hen pecked at.   Roo the roos