How do I Improve My Wellbeing Through Knitting?

Love of Knitting

Knitting has been in existence since the Egyptian mythologies glory days! The archaeologists have discovered traces of hand knitted garments in the pyramids that house queens and princesses post death. This is indicative of the fact that knitting hasn’t been all about looping threads together to make the cardigan you have always wanted. There are scientific evidences backed by full fledged research that knitting activity is an efficient antidote for anxiety, stress and pain.

There are countless studies that indicate the positive impact of developing knitting into a habit. Compared to the commonly available anxiety relievers and stress balls, knitting stands out as a better remedy with productive results.

There are a variety of health benefits associated with knitting. These include lowering stress levels, reduced blood pressure, escaping the daily routine to relax, reduce the feeling of loneliness helping with arthritis and other chronic pain as well as many other positive benefits.

Knitting is considered a great tool to enjoy a better focus with great mental and physical health.

Following are some health benefits of knitting:

Lower Anxiety and Stress:

There has been countless research on the subject of knitting that prove the positive effects of knitting on mental health. The most cited study in support of this has been a 2007 research conducted by Harvard University’s Institute of mind and body. The study shows that knitting actually helps lower blood pressure. This has a domino effect on the knitter’s health. The lowering of blood pressure helps calm down anxious and stressed state of mind. Researchers also credit the arrangements of the knitters arms during the process. The arms’ arrangement during knitting resembles a protective dome. This dome helps create a safe zone which is helpful in comforting the people with anxiety. 

Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain is another health condition that knitting can help with. Although knitting isn’t really a part of medical pain management techniques, however, it has helped countless individuals lower down the effects of the pain. Knitting is an activity that helps the mind and body to synchronize. This repetitive synchronization during knitting helps release serotonin. This organic chemical with the human body helps with exalted positive moods that partially mutes the feelings of pain. 


Knitting can also help individuals to fight of their loneliness and feelings of gloom. The art of knitting is a productive exercise and it keeps the individual occupied. This helps in keeping the focus and attention of the individual to the knitting task at hand and not let it wander to the loneliness that surrounds them. Also, there are knitting groups and societies in many countries that let individuals come together to knit. The social inclusiveness of the activity helps people if they have a social disorders and cope with the feelings of sadness that may occur.

Knitting is an art that helps people with their health issues and keeps them productive. Most of the knitters feel great when they complete a project and share it with their loved ones. Many knitters around the world claim a better focus and less stress when they are engaged in the process of lopping the threads. Learning to knit isn’t really difficult. Knitting can be learned for free online. You’ll come across scores of tutorial videos on the topic in your preferred language on YouTube.

If you are already a seasoned knitter, you will know the health benefits and like me will already feel them in every day life. If not then I would urge you to give it a go as it is a wholesome activity that will improve the way you feel and your wellbeing.

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