Another sweet toy from our lovely community of knitters.

Welcome to the Knitting by Post – Finished toys group. This group is for knitters to show off their Knitting by Post toys that they have made. If you don’t know what we do, here is a link to the website

I’m not going to bombard everyone with rules. There are two that we are sticking to though. No selling please and no charity donation requests on here. This is a gallery group for us to share things that we are proud of and it isn’t appropriate here.

There is one other guideline. Please show off your Knitting by Post finished toys and refrain from toys by other designers. This is what the majority of people want to see. It isn’t the end of the world if you show off other knitted toys or they pop up on the timeline but please in general show your Knitting by Post designs. We want everyone to be encouraged by the creativity of all members.

Toy Knitting Patterns

You will get great results from our easy, addictive toy knitting patterns. Unique, modern and great value patterns make lovely toys that family and friends will love. Have fun, relax and enjoy your craft. Printed leaflets or instant download a PDF file.


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