What is a Knitting Obsession?

Knitting patterns for the home

A knitting obsession is a positive addiction to everything knitting related. This becomes a way of life for some and affects us in many different ways.

Here is a fun look at the knitting obsessed like us. Home, travel, family and our way of life for addicted knitters.

Your Way of Life

  • You have at least one knitting tattoo
  • You own several knitting bags and use them all
  • If you are sitting you are knitting – no matter where you are
  • Having no knitting leads to stress and withdrawl
  • You fall asleep knitting as it’s almost finished and I want to get it done. Then if you make it into bed…
  • You get up in the night to finish that project
  • Pulling work back to rectify a mistake is really satisfying
  • Your knitting bag goes everywhere with you


  • One more row always ends up with a finished item at 3 in the morning
  • You know what yarn any knitted item has been made with
  • If you see someone with a hand made item you have to ask if they made it.
  • You always have to talk to someone who has a hand knitted item on as they understand the need for knitting

Your Home

  • You have an entire room devoted to your craft
  • And then more stash besides
  • You hide your stash from your family
  • You look down and there are always a couple of yarn ends on the floor
  • When you see someone knitting on the telly you get all giddy
  • Your monthly budget includes rent, utilities and knitting
  • You go to bed and knit in your sleep
  • You own more yarn and patterns than you could ever knit but that doesn’t stop the desire for more
  • You leave a project in the loo because if you are sitting, you are knitting
Knitting Occasions


  • People call you the knitting lady (or man!)
  • All you get for birthdays and chirstmas is yarn, patterns, needles….
  • Your family remind you about the yarn in the cellar, kitchen, bedrooms…
  • You make up reasons not to go out, even on special occasions so you can stay home and knit

Buying Yarn, Patterns and Accessories

  • To protect your latest purchase you say things like, “I’ve had this yarn for ages”
  • You get home and immediately stuff your new purchase down the back of the sofa with the other 20 purchases so nobody sees
  • The local craft shop is too much to walk past without going in
  • Then you can’t leave without buying something
  • You know all your local craft shop owners by name
  • You see a new yarn or pattern and have to have it

Spare Time, Holidays and Travel

  • You would rather stay home and knit than, shopping, days out, holidays, seeing family, walking the dog…
  • Leaving home to go anywhere is difficult as you want to finish the end of the row and then – there’s time for one more – isn’t there?
  • Going anywhere, even for an hour needs at least 3 projects to be on the safe side
  • All holidays are planned around knitting
  • You go on holiday to visit a yarn shop that you haven’t been to before
  • You have a knitting group for every day of the week
  • You plan your holiday so you can visit that yarn show everyone is talking about.
  • You have a “just in case” project with you at all times

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below and we will add it to the list.

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