Charity Knitting Patterns

Ready to knit for a great cause? Knitting by Post is here to support your generous spirit with a selection of charity knitting patterns. Whether you’re crafting for local hospitals, shelters, churches or support groups, these patterns are designed to fill your knitting with purpose and heart.

Charity Knitting Patterns for Every Knitter
You’re keen to help, and we’re here to facilitate that. Our charity knitting patterns are tailored for knitters at all levels. With straightforward instructions, you’ll find joy in every stitch and row, knowing your efforts are making a real difference.

Quick to Knit, Easy to Love
Understanding that time matters, especially when your crafts can provide comfort and aid, our patterns are quick to complete. Your creations will be cherished by those in need, and you can make as many as your heart desires.

Tech-Savvy? No Need
Navigating our site is as simple as knitting your first toy. Clear directions and large, easy-to-click buttons mean you’ll easily find and download the patterns you need, even if technology usually has you in knots.

Knitting Brings Us Together
While your knitting might start on your sofa, it joins a wave of kindness reaching far and wide. Share your progress, seek advice, and celebrate your completed projects with others who share your passion for giving through their crafts.

To sum up, if your hands are itching to start a charity knitting project, Knitting by Post has everything you need. Our patterns are not just instructions; they’re your guide to making a tangible difference through your love of knitting. So, choose your pattern, cast on, and let your needles dance for a cause. Your knitting not only warms the heart but also spreads warmth and care to those who need it most.