Why Knitting Toys is Fun

Knitting is one of the oldest and most adopted and satisfying hobbies. You will find knitters in every part of the world regardless of the culture, language or fashion.

However, knitting is not limited to creating wooly pullies. Knitters who use their skills to create toys and decorative items find it more fun and rewarding.  This is because toys are shorter projects and are super cute when they are finished.

It is easy to select knitting patterns for toys because there is a huge variety available online. There are lots of up and coming independent designers such as us here at Knitting by Post to choose from.

craft knitting pattern
Bruce the Dog

Why Knit Toys?

We, the avid and passionate knitters, want to create our loved ones something unique and an original one off. Toys are small and compact and can be made personal with your choice of colours and finish.

Kids and grandkids love it when we give them a toy instead of a sweater or a hat. Knitting garments are not necessarily something you want to have on your lap knitting in the summer because they are large and can keep a knitter too warm.

Why not fill up the gap and the urge to keep knitting during the summer by knitting some hand made toys to keep our loved ones engaged in all year round.

doll with hat knitting pattern
Cerise Dolly

Here are some reasons that make knitting toys fun, rewarding and satisfying:

Kids love it

If you are a mum or a grandmother or even a knitting superstar for the kids of your friends and acquaintances; the children literally love it when they get a knitted toy.

There are hundreds of different toy patterns available online and all you need is some yarn, a bag of stuffing, a good pattern and those magical needles to begin the magic.

There are the more traditional teddy bear patterns or you could stick with a traditional dolly knitting pattern. The options are endless though. You could pick a plushie character and go for a donkey or hippo. There are fantasy characters like mermaids or fairies. The choice is endless

new baby knitting patterns
Burly Baby

It Doesn’t Cost a Lot to Get Started

Knitting toys is less expensive than knitting clothing. If you want a short pattern that will use less than a ball of wool and will knit up faster than a cardigan then a toy is for you.

You don’t have to commit to 10 balls of wool at a time like you would for a jumper. You don’t really need to buy the top quality wool or yarn to create these toys. In fact, the leftover wool from your another project can be used to create a toy.

Also, you are free to play with different colors which makes it very pocket friendly and satisfying at the same time.

You Can Be Creative

You can be as creative as you want when knitting toys. This actually helps keep your mind busy and also allows you to let your mind be imaginitive and intuitive as it likes.

Add ribbon, buttons and embellishments to your toy to make it a truly one off piece.

Patterns Galore!

The internet is filled with toy patterns. In fact, there are hundreds of websites that not only provide great toy patterns, but also give complete step by step guides on how to knit and assemble toys.

(Shameless plug) Take a look round the Knitting by Post website as you are here and see if you can find a pattern that you would like to make, there are hundreds to choose from. We even have some free patterns here.

There are other places to find patterns too. You can find tons of toy patterns for inspiration using Google, Pinterest and Facebook

Knitting toys is nothing short of fun! The children will love your creations and their parents adore you for keeping them busy playing with your finished toys.

There’s nothing more satisfying and fun than the smile and laughter of the kids when you gift them toys. Don’t forget to take a picture when you are done as you can also show off your finished items online in some of the many forums on the internet.

More FREE Patterns

Even More Patterns


Ever popular Mermaid knitting pattern so you can make your own. Made using double knitting yarn, she is another cute and easy to make dolly knitting pattern.


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Christmas crackers are a traditional part of Christmas. Knit your own with this Christmas Cracker Trio.


This is baaaarmy.  Ewe will love our Shirley the Sheep knitting pattern.  Another Eggcentric Easter knitting pattern.


Here is Toby, he is an original, novelty dog knitting pattern. He will hold a chocolate egg in his belly and looks sweet too. A brilliant idea for an Easter gift.


Knitting pattern instructions to knit the Gone Fishing Soft Toy - The fisherman has had a big catch. This standing bear in his waders comes with a large goldfish pattern too.

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