FREE Easy Peasy Hanging Bunny Rabbit Head Knitting Pattern

Cute, hanging and easy to make. You can make this easy peasy knitted rabbit head in an hour or so. Made with a square, toy stuffing isn’t required. Make lots of these for easy Easter knitted gifts. Great for family and friends or you can knit for your good cause too.

This head was made with white double knitting yarn an 3mm single pointed needles. Tension is not important so use any needles and yarn that you have in your stash and it will still work out ok.    It is about 5cm tall when finished.

Abbreviations : k – knit. p – purl. st – stitch. st-st – Stocking Stitch (k1row, p1row). 

Head – Make 1

With white, cast on 24 sts
Starting with a purl row, st-st 29 rows
Cast off

folded knitted rabbit square
The finished square will look like this.
knitted rabbit head free pattern
Take diagonally opposite corners and roll the piece into the centre.
knitted bunny free
Fold the piece in half so the opposite corners meet at the top. Wrap yarn tightly round the head about one third of the way up and secure the ends of the yarn.
free knitted head pattern
Add a face to your bunny. Embroider a nose two stitches wide, then create three small whiskers. Add two eyes in black immediately above the nose.
free rabbit easter bunny knitting pattern
Finish by adding a hanging cord, keyring, ribbon or other embellishments to the top of your bunny’s head.

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